How to Use the Route Index

Find the location that you want to travel to and click the link (left-column). Within that link, find the route you are interested in and click that link. The final click will take you Greg's Climbing Blog, where all routes are described.

- All routes listed were either climbed by Greg or documented with enough information to warrant a mention in the index
- Routes are categorized by location and grade, and are alphabetized within each grade
- Grades are taken from the guidebook that I personally used when climbing this route and are not re-graded unless specifically noted
- Routes are described based my own personal experience
- Older routes are described in a story-telling format
- Newer posts have a standard format with easy-to-use information and pictures

- Comments, corrections, clarifications, etc are welcome in the comments section of each post (either on Greg's Climbing Blog on the specific post or on the Route Index post)