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General Info: Quincy, MA off I-93 (exit 8) (turn right at the Mr. Tux on the corner of the ramp / round-about and Willard St). Quincy Quarry has a storied past as a classic urban climbing area, and a rumoured mafia burial ground under the dirt from the famous Big Dig. It was also portrayed in the movie Gone, Baby Gone, except that the movie showed the quarry with water, which was the case before the Big Dig dirt filled in the ponds.

Climbing here ranges from the easy to the moderately difficult, with many of the grades now sandbagged due to the rock having been polished over the years and the overuse of the quarry's walls as graffiti art canvas. While there is some trad and sport climbing here, most of the popular routes are top-rope only. And because it is enclosed and south-facing, it is a popular place to climb late into the fall and in the early spring, when the rest of New England is still too cold. I have climbed here in February before, and I don't like climbing in the cold.

Camping: There is no camping allowed here. Besides, it is sometimes used as a party spot among the region's youth.

Guideboook: Boston Rocks by Richard Doucette and Susan Ruff

Routes and Cliffs: - Links to all posts discussing the routes noted below (sorted by grade / alphabetical).
- Double Overhang (5.6)
- Flake Direct (5.6)
- Layback (5.6)
- Pink Center (5.6)
- Outside Corner (5.8)
- Palm (5.8)
- Brown Sugar (5.9)
- Tensile Strength (5.9)
- Blood Streaks (5.9+)
- Bombay (5.10a)
- Pins (5.10a)
- Power of Positive Thinking (5.10a)
- Sour Grapes (5.10a)
- Ladder Line (5.11a)

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